Troo listens to their gut to land their first international trade deal



Founded in 2015, owners Helenor and Mike cooked up Troo in their kitchen. Troo produce a range of low sugar and gut healthy granola, porridge and inulin syrup. Their inspiration came from a lack of low sugar options available for their son. Their range is now stocked in Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Waitrose, Boots and Planet Organic.

Since becoming a client in 2017, Santander has taken the time to understand Troo’s strategy helping them explore international opportunities. Santander’s international expertise helped Troo land their first export deal to the UAE and they’ve recently been introduced to a new distributor in the USA.

It was serendipity meeting Santander in New York after a trade mission fell through.

I was welcomed and learnt so much about business in the US that I immediately signed up when I got back.

From the trade portal, country specialists and events they’re continually looking for ways to add value and grow our business internationally.

Helenor Rogers

Owner & Director, TrooFoods Ltd (trading as Troo)

The business remains focused on exporting opportunities and continuing their ambitious growth plans. When Troo saw a slow down in sales due to the pandemic, Santander also provided a Bounce Back Loan which helped the team manage cashflow and invest in new product development and social media.

Helenor has really embraced the support we’ve offered and I’m really happy it is helping to develop the Troo brand.

Banks like Santander can be so much more than a bank account and not enough companies take advantage of what is on offer.

Helenor is a great example of someone who has invested the time to listen to what we can offer and is reaping the rewards.

Craig Carter

Relationship Director, Santander