It’s time to smile for Beechcroft Dental Care following Santander funding

Beechcroft Dental

Beechcroft Dental Care Ltd and Olive Dental Practice Ltd

Compromising of two practices, Beechcroft Dental Care Ltd and Olive Dental Practice Ltd, are well established family practices. Serving NHS patients, whilst also offering private dentistry. With more than 20 years of dentistry experience between the owners, Beechcroft Dental Care has four to five dentists and eight staff and Olive Dental Practice has three dentists and five staff.

Like many business owners, Dr Ifaniyi Oshiga was unsure how he would fare when the pandemic hit. After reaching out to Santander, the business was supported with funding, which was then used to expand their operations.

Since 2017, Santander has been a great support for our practices. So it wasn’t hard for me to advise my business partners to move their banking to Santander too. When you’re a medical practitioner running a business, it helps that you don’t have to worry about your bank moving the goalposts when life happens, that trust doesn’t evaporate overnight.

Dr Ifaniyi Oshiga

Owner, Beechcroft Dental Care Ltd & Olive Dental Practice Ltd

Following Santander’s support a new clinic was installed which will house a trainee dentist. The new clinic will support the NHS to provide the local community with dentistry services.

It’s been a pleasure to support Dr Oshiga and his business over the last four years, seeing him grow from an associate dentist to owning two businesses. Dr Oshiga is a credit to his sector, and we look forward to supporting Dr Oshiga and his business for many years to come.

Stephen Clements

Relationship Director, Santander

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