Hitting the accelerator on taxi company’s growth plans



Veezu is a multi-region and tech-enabled business. It operates with more than 6,000 active driver partners across more than 20 million journeys.

Santander’s Growth Capital funding goes beyond that of traditional bank offerings, providing a ‘buy and build’ strategy that doesn’t dilute shareholder equity.

“In building a trusted relationship with Veezu, we have seen them increase profitability, capitalise on technological advancements, and improve their range of customer service solutions. Our funding will further support their growth trajectory and increase their presence in new regions across the UK.”

Peter Abel Director of Growth Capital, Santander

Santander have taken the time to really understand our business, and demonstrate their belief in our wider strategy. Their support has allowed us to progress our ambitious growth plans, increasing our presence across the UK, and broadening our position in the market.

Nathan Bowles

CEO, Veezu