Healthy growth for Kingsbridge Healthcare Group

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Kingsbridge Healthcare Group

Comprising of three private medical hospital facilities in Belfast, Ballykelly and Sligo, Kingsbridge Healthcare Group is a leading provider of medical services.

Founded in 2006, Kingsbridge specialise in joint replacement surgery, non-emergency outpatient procedures and recently opened the first private cardiac unit in Northern Ireland.

Santander’s Growth Capital team have worked closely with Kingsbridge Healthcare since they moved their full day to day banking to Santander in 2021. 

Understanding their business aspirations meant they have offered the provision of a flexible and cost effective multi-million pound funding package which helped them acquire a new hospital facility. 

For a growing and ambitious company like Kingsbridge, it was important to have a banking partner able to respond rapidly with funding decisions and who share our vision of delivering quality healthcare to the population of Northern Ireland. In our short relationship thus far, Santander have proven to be just that.

Dr Suresh Tharma

Founder and CEO, Kingsbridge Healthcare Group

This has significantly expanded their services and enabled them to double their bed and theatre capacity overnight, allowing for valuable expansion and upgrades to their existing hospitals.

We are pleased to support Kingsbridge Healthcare Group’s important work to expand its capacity to provide private healthcare to patients in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We look forward to working with the Kingsbridge team over the years to come.

Mark Robinson

Relationship Director, Santander

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