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We regularly analyse the responses of businesses with the size and ambition to engage in international trade, to provide unique insight into current business attitudes. This helps us to offer the right guidance and support to help businesses achieve their international ambitions.

of internationally trading companies are confident about future growth, compared with 62% of businesses trading only in the UK.

of internationally trading UK businesses remain undeterred by the impact of COVID-19 on global demand and will continue to operate in their chosen markets.

of international companies see bureaucracy as a major operational challenge.

Autumn 2021 Executive Summary

Confidence is surging among UK businesses as they recover from the worst impacts of the COVID-19 crisis and look to new growth opportunities – in international markets as well as in the UK.

The reopening of the economy since lockdown earlier this year has driven optimism to unprecedented levels and British businesses, despite some ongoing anxieties, are primed to invest and expand as the global recovery gathers pace.

of companies say they are facing higher tariffs and charges because of Brexit, and that trading has become more time consuming as a result.

of companies expect international markets to be a main driver of post-pandemic recovery.

of companies view transport costs as an operational challenge, highlighting both domestic and international supply chain difficulties linked to COVID-19.

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