Goodwood races ahead

Already one of Britain’s leading leisure destinations, Goodwood is seeking opportunities to grow without diluting the brand. Two of its senior management team attended the latest Saatchi Masius Masterclass in search of ideas and inspiration.

Situated against the backdrop of the South Downs in West Sussex, Goodwood offers visitors an array of experiences and entertainment options. In addition to horse racing and various motorsport events – including the Festival of Speed – the grounds around Goodwood House host activities such as golf, clay pigeon shooting, cricket and flying lessons, and the estate also offers first-rate hotel and restaurant facilities. 
The different strands of the business operate within a strong sense of heritage. Over the years, the Goodwood Estate has played an important role in the development of aviation, motorsport, racing and cricket in the United Kingdom, and this legacy is an important part of the site’s ascendency to one of the country’s best-known tourist and leisure attractions. 
Challenging times
However, as the Goodwood management team seek further growth opportunities, they face real challenges. “It’s a question of where we go next,” says Jon Barnett, Head of Marketing.  “What we’re seeking to do is diversify without diluting the brand.” 
Diversification is necessary because events such as the Festival of Speed already attract sell-out crowds, while the hotel and restaurant facilities operate at close to capacity: as things stand, the scope for growth is limited.  
The opportunity to take part in the Saatchi Masius Masterclass was especially timely for Jon, who attended with Goodwood’s Head of Special Projects, Patricia Dickie. Both were keen to tap into the expertise of Saatchi executives during the two-day Masterclass, which was aimed at helping businesses to rethink their branding and marketing strategies. 
Building up brands
Delegates took part in a number of structured sessions during the first day, including a ‘reframing exercise’ that was designed to help them think about the nature of their business in fresh ways; to focus on its appeal to customers, its competitors, and how to overcome growth hurdles. This was an interactive exercise, with delegates from different companies and sectors sharing ideas.  

“What we’re seeking to do is diversify without diluting the brand.” Jon Barnett, Head of Marketing, Goodwood

On day two the focus switched to brand equity, with Saatchi Masius executives detailing ways in which businesses can establish a leadership position. “That is certainly something we are very interested in; one thing I would like to do is reposition our brand leadership status,” says Jon. Goodwood is currently an ‘explorer’ brand, selling itself on its ability to add something to the lives of its visitors through extraordinary experiences. “I believe we have the potential to become an iconic brand,” he adds.
A sea of opportunity
Later sessions included a discussion about businesses moving from existing ‘Red Ocean’ markets, to new ‘Blue Ocean’ markets. Delegates were encouraged to look at a market from the perspective of a newcomer or challenger, and think about elements that could be eliminated (customer frustrations or costs), reduced (the time to process orders), raised (service standards), and created (new experiences).
“That’s certainly something we’ll be taking away,” says Patricia. “When we get back to the office we’ll be doing a Red Ocean/Blue Ocean exercise with our team. It should be a very interesting meeting.” 
With brand identity, recognition and redefinition playing such a vital role in a business’ presence in the marketplace, the Saatchi Masius Masterclass will equip delegates with the latest brand insights and should result in some exciting developments for all the businesses involved. 

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